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Pray for Peace Rosary
Pray for Peace Rosary
Pray for Peace Rosary
Pray for Peace Rosary
Pray for Peace Rosary
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[Peace Edition]

Pray for Peace Rosary

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We live in a very troubled time, and we feel we need Peace. We need Peace in our life and in our spirit. Peace in our homes and families, in our work, in our friendships and community. Peace in Europe. Peace in the World.
Peace will only be achieved when the Love for the other is greater than the Love for Power, when freedom speaks louder than the greed of men.
We need to be at Peace within ourselves in order to share it with others, we need to be promoters of Peace.
We can only live at Peace when we are truly committed to God, because He is Peace. It is God who completes us, who revives us, who gives us strength and vigor so that we can feel His presence, feel His Peace, and live by it.
In Her apparitions, Our Lady of Fatima always asks us to pray for Peace.
This rosary was made by artisans in the parish of Fatima, Ourém.
It is made from 3 semiprecious stones: blue sodalite, tridacna, and yellow agate.
Their colors: Blue, White, and Yellow, represent the colors of Europe: an appeal to Union. An appeal to Freedom. An appeal to Peace.
Blue is also a color that has always been very associated with Our Lady of Fatima. White with Peace. Yellow with Light, Warmth, and Optimism.
May our leaders draw inspiration from the Humility of the Shepherds, and always be guided by the motherly hand of Our Lady.

This rosary hand is made in Fatima, Portugal, and blessed by the local priest before shipping. It is complete with a sturdy translucent squared-box, perfect for display, safekeeping, and perfect for offering this priceless gift to your loved ones.

Pray for Peace Rosary


What is the Origin of the Miracle of Fatima?

Our Lady of Fatima, the Blessed Virgin Mary, is known for Her apparitions in 1917 to three shepherd children at Cova da Iria, in Fatima, Portugal.

The Miracle of Fatima (also known as the Miracle of the Sun) happened between May and October on the 13th day of each month, at approximately noon. The three children: Lucia and her cousins Jacinta and Francisco (ages 7, 9 and 10) were spoken to by a luminous lady who entrusted them with three secrets.

The first secret was a frightening vision of hell, “where the souls of poor sinners go,” and contained an urgent plea from Our Lady for acts of prayer and sacrifice to save souls, with particular emphasis on praying of the rosary and devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The second secret prophesied the outbreak of World War II and contained the prediction of the huge damage that Russia would do to humanity by abandoning the Christian faith and embracing Communists’ totalitarianism.

The third secret was not revealed until 2000. Its revelation coincided with the beatification of Francisco and Jacinta. It did not contain any cataclysmic prediction, but, instead, the vision affirmed the immense suffering endured by witnesses of the faith. Sister Lucia, the surviving member of the three children, confirmed that in the vision “the Bishop clothed in white,” who prays for all the faithful, is the Pope. As he makes his way with great difficulty towards the Cross amid the corpses of those who were martyred, he too falls to the ground, apparently dead, under a hail of gunfire. It is possible that the vision predicted the 1981 attack on Pope John Paul II’s life. The Pope has always credited the Virgin for his survival.

The Miracle of the Sun occurred in October 13, when a crowd of seventy thousand people who had gathered in Fatima, in response to a prophecy made by the three children. The prophecy was that the Virgin Mary would appear and perform a miracle on that date. The crowd witnessed an extraordinary zig-zag dance of the sun in the sky that lasted ten minutes that afternoon. No one had ever seen such a phenomenon. The whole crowd was in awe.

Located in the center of Portugal, the Sanctuary of Fatima built in honor of the Miracle has become the fourth biggest Catholic pilgrimage site in the world, receiving between 4 and 5 million visitors every year. Both Pope John Paul II and Pope Francis have visited the Sanctuary to pray to Our Lady of Fatima, next to thousands of devoted pilgrims.

The pilgrims gather for one of the most beautiful processions in the Catholic Faith: the Procession of the Candles. Millions of people light a candle and follow the image of Our Lady of Fatima at night as It moves around the Sanctuary, praying and singing Her praises.


Loja Esperança is a religious art store in the heart of Fatima, Portugal, one of the cradles of the Catholic Faith. Our vast collection of sacred articles is made from the highest standard of silver, gold, and wood. All articles can be custom made.

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