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About Loja Esperança

Established in the heart of Fatima, one of the cradles of the Catholic Faith, Loja Esperança offers a wide range of high-quality religious products. From holy statues to rosaries or carefully crafted pieces of jewelry, we aim to provide the finest items for various occasions: Christmas & Advent, Communions, Confirmation, Weddings and Baptisms.


Bless your home with our premium selection of locally blessed sacred statues of the miraculous Our Lady of Fatima, the Sacred Heart of Mary, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the divine union of the Sacred Family. Made from the highest standard of quality fiber, wood, gold and silver, the statues are authentic representations of the ones in the Sanctuary of Fatima, where our store is located. They depict some of the miracles of the Catholic Church, such as the Miracle of the Sun. Pope John Paul II and Pope Francis have visited the Sanctuary and prayed for the world, adoring the Virgin Mary alongside thousands of pilgrims.


Shelter your loved ones from the hardships of life with the healing power of belief. We offer a variety of beautiful gift ideas to help you protect your family: official holy water from Fatima, silver and gold collars and bracelets, prayer cards, crosses, medals, keychains, and Coronavirus masks. Make the ones you cherish the most know that you are always thinking and caring for them.

 Celebrate the miracle of Catholicism with us and spread the hope of a better tomorrow amongst your family and community.