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Immaculate Heart of Mary



"Symbol of unconditional love, the Heart of Mary mirrors the image of each one of us, pilgrims beings on this path of life that leads us to God. Echoing the Message of Fatima, the faint light of the piece spreads the sweetness of the maternal heart that , in the expression of the golden thorns, sublimates the pain and that, in the flames raised to the sky, calls for the consecration to the things above.

When we enter the Heart of Mary, we are sure to come to God, as the motto chosen to celebrate the Centenary of the Apparitions of Fatima recalls:

"My Immaculate Heart will lead you to God" (Memoirs of Sister Lucy). "

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Immaculate Heart of Mary

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"Engrave me as a seal on your heart, as a seal on your arm, because strong as death is love, relentless as the abyss is passion; their ardor is flames of fire, they are divine flames. Neither the flowing waters will be able to put out the fire of love, nor the torrents can submerge it." / Ct 8.6-8

This heart is offered at the Sanctuary of Fátima, during the celebrations to commemorate the Marriage or its anniversary.

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