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Commemorative Image of the...

Commemorative image of the Centenary of the Sculpture of Our Lady of Fátima

The statue, produced in polystyrene, 30 centimeters high, is protected by a crystal, similar to the image venerated in the Capelinha, and is devoid of a crown, just like the sculpture of Our Lady of Fátima when it was created.

The beauty and simplicity of the Image, in a single color, aims to convey peace and relaxation, inviting meditation, prayer and the celebration of the Faith. Each piece is accompanied by an explanatory book, in 7 languages, and a numbered Certification Seal issued by the National Press - Casa da Moeda.

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This Rosary is made with  "blown glass beads, handcrafted in Marinha Grande, a Zamak dowel and crucifix with a copper and silver finish and a chain and wire in silver brass".

Each piece is accompanied by "an explanatory book, available in seven languages" and has the certification seal issued by the "Casa da Moeda".

This Rosary has a "solidarity component", with 1 Euro of each one sold "to revert to the Fátima Rehabilitation and Integration Center, for the construction of a residential home for adults with disabilities and whose families are already unable to provide the follow-up required ".

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Prayer Card

Prayer card with the Guardian Angel.

With an image of Our Lady of Fatima, the three little shepherds and the Sanctuary.

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Chains of Consecration

Chains of Consecration are used by many Catholics as proof of total surrender to Mary.

It refers us to the Holy Slavery of Love based on the Treaty of True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, by St. Louis Maria Gignion de Monfort.

This chain is made of metal with a steel clasp.

If you want a medal on the chain, add it to the cart and leave a note at the end of the order

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