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Children's Rosary

Pearl beads with hearts in the Our Fathers

Instead of the cross, this Rosary has a heart with children. A boy and a girl, symbolizing our children.


Prayer for children

Thank you Lord for my children, protect them, deliver them from all evil.

Bless their lives, that they can be obedient and above all, very happy. Amen

$20.50 Price

Centenary Rosary

This Rosary is made with  "blown glass beads, handcrafted in Marinha Grande, a Zamak dowel and crucifix with a copper and silver finish and a chain and wire in silver brass".

Each piece is accompanied by "an explanatory book, available in seven languages" and has the certification seal issued by the "Casa da Moeda".

This Rosary has a "solidarity component", with 1 Euro of each one sold "to revert to the Fátima Rehabilitation and Integration Center, for the construction of a residential home for adults with disabilities and whose families are already unable to provide the follow-up required ".

This rosary cannot be covered by shipping promotions. 

$14.55 Price

Crystal Centenary Rosary

Gold-plated rosary, dedicated to the Commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the sculpture of the image of Our Lady of Fatima.

With special medal, with Apparition of Our Lady to the shepherds and land of Fátima behind.

Gold-plated, with guarantee seal.

It comes in a special box, where you can store your rosary and expose it without oxidizing!

$18.07 Price


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